Canadian Olympic Gear, courtesy of The Bay & Zellers


With the 2008 Olympic games soon approaching, The Bay and Zellers are both selling great gear to take advantage of. And with Father's Day right around the corner, both stores are selling the merchandise! Check it out at a store near you... it's definitely worth purchasing!

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    linda black said:

    The outfits for the Olympics are absolutely dreadful, there is no other way to say it. This should not be a venue for some aspiring designer, who will never make it if this is a sample of their talent.It is about inspiring pride and that certainly has not been achieved. The group assembled here all agree you have not measured up . Extremely disappointing. Shame on you .

    Posted at 10:43 AM, on August 8 2008
  1. 2

    Pat Macdonald said:

    Olympic gear very disappointing. I thought our colors were red and white but now it seems black has appeared along with every other color. I think you should go back to roots. They really excelled in the gear.

    Posted at 06:37 PM, on March 2 2010

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